“The moment you say ‘no more,’ you’re an activist. That’s #MeToo,” says Actor Terry Crews. He recently joined the #MeToo movement when he sent out 16 tweets in support of sexual harassment and assault victims, during which he alleged that he was sexually assaulted by a high-level entertainment industry executive.

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“It’s bigger than me. I was representing those who had been trampled, had never had a voice, and risked everything they had to come forward,” says Crews.

WATCH: Terry Crews On Going Public With Sexual Assault Allegations: 'Once I Decided To Get Rid Of The Shame, I Was Free'

The former NFL player and current “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” star is accusing Adam Venit, who (at the time) was head of the motion picture department at William Morris Endeavor, of sexual assault. He claims Venit grabbed his genitals during a party Crews attended with his wife, Rebecca, in early 2016. Venit adamantly denies sexually assaulting Crews.

The Los Angeles City Attorney and Los Angeles DA recently rejected Terry Crews’ criminal complaint against Venit made in February 2018. The DA determined that the alleged conduct did not rise to the level of a felony, and the city attorney rejected the complaint as barred by the statute of limitations, which is one year for an alleged misdemeanor.

Crews says he now has a civil lawsuit pending against Venit. “It’s my responsibility to stand up, to also be an example of action. Unless everyone is held accountable every time, nothing will change.”

Together with his wife, Rebecca, Terry Crews sits down with Dr. Phil on Wednesday to discuss the incident, his involvement in the #MeToo movement, and how he says he an addiction to pornography nearly destroyed their marriage.

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Terry Crews On Going Public With Sexual Assault Allegations: ‘Once I Decided To Get Rid Of The Shame, I Was Free’