Actress Jan Broberg was kidnapped as a teen by her next-door neighbor and parents’ best friend, Robert “B” Berchtold – not once but twice – and was molested, raped, and brainwashed into believing they were supposed to have a child together in order to save the world. She told her story to Dr.Phil two years ago, and it’s now the subject of the Netflix documentary Abducted in Plain Sight.

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On Friday’s episode of Dr. Phil, Broberg offers a supportive voice to Savannah, a young woman who was molested and raped as a child and was involved in prostitution and sex trafficking as a teen. Savannah’s mom, who has a rocky relationship with her daughter, says she doesn’t know how to help Savannah overcome her past.

“I know where she’s been, and I also can see where she’s going,” Broberg says. “The wonderful thing about my mother was that she was a listener … and I think that was so key for my healing.”

Hear more in the video above and watch a clip from Abducted in Plain Sight.

Tune in on Friday to hear Savannah tell her story and struggles. Check here to see where you can watch.

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