Jan Broberg claims she was abducted by Robert Berchtold, a man she considered a “second father,” twice while growing up. The first time, at age 12, the actress says she was tied up in the back of a motor home and Berchtold convinced her that they had been abducted by aliens and had to complete a mission. She claims she was raped and brainwashed into believing they were supposed to have a child together to "save the dying planet" -- and that her family continued to be friends with Berchtold after she was rescued.

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Broberg, known for roles in the television shows Everwood and Criminal Minds, tells Dr. Phil in the video above what she claims happened the second time Berchtold abducted her when she was 14, and what occurred during the two years in between. And on Monday’s episode, hear what happened when Berchtold showed up at a woman’s conference where Broberg was the guest speaker. Check here to see where you can watch.

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