“I have always enjoyed chaos in my life,” says Grant, an admitted alcoholic whose mother and girlfriend, Korin, say they’re tired of his drinking and what they call his abusive behaviors. “I like to mess with people. I like to bring the worst out of people just to make it an even more hectic environment.”

In the video above, Grant tells Dr. Phil that he provokes Korin, just to see her get angry. “If you’re making me mad, I’m going to provoke that extra little bit of rage out of you just because I’m pissed off.”

Grant’s mom, Wendy, says she’s sick of Grant’s “toxic behaviors” and wants Korin to leave him. “It’s unsafe,” says Wendy. “I just think she needs to get away and be on her own.”

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Grant says he doesn’t like the friendship between his mother and his girlfriend. “Korin and my mom are like best friends. I don’t like that relationship because mothers are supposed to have boundaries.”

Grant says he knows Korin and Wendy want him to quit drinking, but he says they both need to just butt out of his life because, he asserts, “I don’t believe anybody really has the right to tell me what to do.”

Korin, who is expecting the couple’s second child, says she believes Grant wants their relationship to work. “I think he honestly wants us to be happy and not live this chaotic life.”

Can Dr. Phil help this couple save their relationship? Check out the video, and watch Dr. Phil on Tuesday for the rest of the story.

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