“When I use drugs, I’ll do it anywhere. When I need to do it – I’ll do it,” says Bethany, who claims nothing is more important to her than heroin. She says she uses to numb herself from reality. Weeks after being released from the hospital following open-heart surgery - and 10 days in a medically induced coma – Bethany allowed cameras to document what she says is her daily life buying and snorting the drug.

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“The worst place I ever shot up was at a Narcotics Anonymous meeting – in a church,” says Bethany. She also admits her sister caught her getting high in the bathroom at her parents’ home on Christmas Day. “I didn’t care anymore who saw me – who knew.”

Older sister, Abby, says Bethany was the maid of honor at her wedding and was high for the event. “I asked her about it and she just kind of laughed – she thought it was funny." Abby claims her younger sibling doesn’t show respect to anyone in the family.

On Wednesday’s Dr. Phil, Bethany claims she’s tired of hurting people. But does she say she’s ready to get clean?

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