Tracy says her mother, Robin’s, rented home is so overrun with animals and objects – including trash - that she’s being evicted.

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Robin, 71, admits she hoards animals and objects and says she is “appalled” at the way she lives. She says she was physically and emotionally abused as a child, and that her mother wouldn’t allow her to have any possessions of her own; so finds it “nearly impossible” to throw anything away now.

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OnThursday’s episode, Coach Mike (Mike Bayer), a life and personal development coach, Dr. Phil Advisory Board member and author of the upcoming book, “Best Self: Be You, Only Better,” visits with Robin at her home.

“How is it for you to accept help?” he asks Robin.

“I’ve put up quite a few walls because in the early days I was the target child,” she responds.

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Robin says she has extreme anxiety and depression but wants to work on changing her circumstances. “I’m ready, I’m willing and – God willing – I’m able,” she says.

How does Robin respond when Coach Mike asks, “What do you want to be better in your life today?”

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Mike Bayer is a life development coach and member of the Dr. Phil Advisory Board. His upcoming book, “Best Self: Be You, Only Better,” goes on sale January 8, 2019, wherever books are sold. Check here to find out how you can pre-order.

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Admitted Hoarder Faces Eviction And Homelessness; Why Daughter Says Mom Can’t Live With Her