Jyllian says she fell in love with her adopted daughter, Evelyn, the first moment she saw her, and was thrilled to make the infant a permanent member of her family through adoption when the opportunity arose.

“I wasn’t able to have children of my own and I always wanted children,” Jyllian says on Friday’s Dr. Phil, adding that she has fostered six children and adopted two over the years.

But now, Jyllian claims she is being harassed by her daughter’s birth mother, Olivia, and her family, and explains to Dr. Phil why she does not want Evelyn’s biological mother in her daughter’s life at this time.

“Olivia’s parental rights were taken away because she had been leaving the group home. She was diagnosed bipolar and borderline personality disorder and she wasn’t attending school,” Jyllian claims. “I had absolutely no say in whether her parental rights were taken away. After the adoption, it was my choice to not have any contact with Olivia. It was 100 percent up to me. I wasn’t going to have a mother, biological or not, in and out of my child’s life.”

Olivia and her mother, Julia, claim the baby was illegally taken from their family by authorities and placed for adoption. Olivia – who claims she was manipulated into signing away her parental rights – says she has spent the past five years fighting to see her daughter, while claiming Jyllian is an unfit mother.

While Olivia claims that Jyllian promised to let her be a part of Evelyn’s life, the 22-year-old says Jyllian reneged on her alleged promise and her attempts to contact Jyllian via phone and email were unsuccessful over the years.

But Jyllian adamantly denies making any such promise to Olivia and claims Olivia has gone to extreme measures to see her daughter.

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“Olivia has been harassing me. She’s been following me. She’s been stalking me,” she contends, claiming that Olivia has driven past her house and once showed up at Evelyn’s school to ask school officials for photos of the child.

However, Olivia denies harassing Jyllian, saying, “An email here and there to see my daughter is not harassment. Yes, I know where Jyllian lives. No, I have never gone to her house.”

Ultimately, Jyllian says she doesn’t feel it’s currently safe to allow Evelyn to see her biological mother.

“Had I felt that contact with Olivia from the very get go and their family was a safe environment to do so, I would have. I am in contact with the other side of the family and I do send them pictures regularly, because they don’t harass me, they don’t threaten me and they don’t stalk me. They feel safe and comfortable,” Jyllian notes. “My biggest fear with Olivia is that she’s going to take my child. I adopted a beautiful baby girl and I have every right not to be harassed and stalked.”