Fifteen year old Erica Parsons was reported missing in 2013 by her older brother, but he says he hasn’t seen her since November of 2011.

Erica’s Adoptive parents Sandy and Casey claim she went to live with a woman called “Nan” who they say is Erica’s biological grandmother. A woman they say they met on the internet just six months before Erica disappeared.

Originally, says Casey, the couple had only agreed to let Erica visit with “Nan” for three weeks, and later, she says, Erica decided to stay with “Nan” permanently, and that’s the last time she she heard her daughter’s voice. She says “Nan’s” phone was disconnected about two months later.

“I knew Erica was safe,” says Casey. “I wasn’t concerned about Erica’s well-being. Nan had always held up to her word, and this was a mutual agreement. It’s not like Nan took her and ran.”

Meanwhile, Police say there is no “Nan,” and Erica’s biological grandmother died five years ago.
View the video above to find out what Casey Parsons has to say about her adoptive daughter choosing to live with a woman she says, she believed was Erica’s grandmother.