BillieSue says her adult children, Alex and Hana, have no life skills because she enabled them by doing everything for them their entire lives. “I have not prepared my children for the real world, and I’m ashamed of it,” she says.

“I’ve been paying a majority of my bills since I was 18, so I’m not quite sure how she could say she enabled me,” says Hana, rejecting BillieSue’s claim. She admits that BillieSue paid her rent when they shared an apartment together. She adamantly denies her mother’s assertion that she was the reason they received an eviction notice due to noise complaints.

Alex also admits that his mother helped to get him out of trouble on numerous occasions, starting when he was a teenager. He vehemently denies BillieSue’s claim that he “bullied” her out of her own home. BillieSue claims that she eventually evicted Alex from her house because he stopped paying rent. Alex denies he wasn’t paying rent and that his mother evicted him.

Why does Alex say he moved out of his mother’s house? Tune in to Wednesday’s episode, “Bullied by My Monster Children!” to find out!

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WATCH: Adult Son Denies Mom’s Claim That He Bullied Her Out Of Her Own Home

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