BillieSue claims that after her foot surgery, all she heard was “crickets” from her adult children, Alex and Hana, when she needed them the most. “When they were not there to help me, I realized my own children were jerks,” she says.

BillieSue also claims that Alex bullied her out of her own house and is constantly threatening her and that Hana nearly got her evicted from her apartment.

Alex and Hana adamantly deny their mother’s claims. “She has become truly obsessed with the idea that my brother and I do not care for her,” says Hana.

Alex says, “My mom’s anger with me is just totally blown out of proportion.” How does he respond when Dr. Phil asks about the complaints lodged against him with police after multiple incidents, including gunshots fired during parties he hosted while living there?

This episode, “Bullied by My Monster Children!” airs Wednesday. Check your local listing for airtimes.

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