Elora and her mother, Vicki, say they have been at odds since Elora was a child. Elora claims that at times, her mother, who she says sent her to a psych hospital three times and put her in foster care, has been the “worst mom in the history.”

Vicki says she has always wanted the best for her children but admits that she has been overwhelmed as a parent and turned to alcohol to cope.


In the video above, Dr. Phil has advice for mother and daughter.

“It’s real easy to identify a problem and criticize people, but it’s much harder to get in there and do something about it,” Dr. Phil says to Elora. “What I see is you sitting back, taking your mother’s inventory and saying everything’s she’s doing wrong, and judging everything that she does, and I hear all of that, but I don’t see you doing much, if anything at all, to help this woman.”

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To Vicki, Dr. Phil says, “I think you clearly have a problem with alcohol, and I think that you have a problem with depression. I think you have a problem with anxiety and being overwhelmed.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil’s advice to the women in the video above, including his offering of help for Vicki. This episode of Dr. Phil airs Wednesday. Watch more here.

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