Olivia claims her newborn daughter, Evelyn, was taken away from her illegally and placed for adoption five years ago. She claims that Jyllian, the woman who adopted her daughter, promised her the opportunity to be part of her child’s life, but Olivia says Jyllian has ignored her attempts to make contact.

Olivia says that she believes Jyllian is an unfit mother, after finding pictures of her online that she claims show Jyllian to be a ‘provocative’ party girl, and she admits that she has written negative things about Jyllian on the Internet.

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Jyllian adamantly denies making any promises about Evelyn to Olivia, says everything about the adoption was legal. She claims in the past few months, things have gotten out of control, including Olivia slandering her online and stalking, and she says she had to get a restraining order against Olivia.

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In the video above, attorney and child advocate Areva Martin offers Olivia advice for moving forward, so that she may be able to have a peaceful relationship with Jyllian and possibly see her daughter.

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