Steve says he believes his ex-girlfriend, Robyn, coached their 12-year-old daughter to accuse him of sexual abuse – allegations that he says were proven to be false. He says because of the situation, he no longer wants his daughter in his life for fear of her making up other allegations, and he also says he doesn’t believe he should have to pay child support.

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Robyn adamantly denies coaching their daughter and claims that Steve is a “deadbeat” dad who will do whatever he has to to get out of paying child support.

After estate management attorney Ann-Margaret Carrozza weighs in on Steve’s legal obligations as a father, Dr. Phil offers Steve and Robyn advice on how they can be supportive parents to their young daughter.

“She certainly has not done anything where she deserves for her father to say, ‘I cast you out of my life and never see you again,’” he says to Steve. “She has nothing to earn that penalty in her life and if you do that, you are cheating her and taking the easy way out.”

To Robyn, he says, “Your number one priority should be to heal the relationship between her and her father.

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Turning to Steve, he concludes, “And you should do everything you can to foster a healthy relationship between your daughter and her mother.”

This episode of Dr. Phil airs Thursday. Watch more here.

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