Laurie-Ann and her ex-boyfriend, Michael, say that when their relationship ended, the accusations started. Laurie claims that Michael is a dangerous narcissist who held her hostage for seven years and “robbed me blind.” She says she wants to warn Michael’s new fiancée, Alison, so she doesn’t fall victim.

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Michael denies the accusations and claims Laurie-Ann is a jealous ex-girlfriend who needs to move on with her life and stop stalking him and Alison.

After hearing what each has to say, Dr. Phil offers them advice.

“Sometimes when we end relationships, we have unfinished emotional business, and that unfinished emotional business can keep us coming back trying to close the circle, close the loop,” Dr. Phil says.

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“Don't call them, don’t get in touch with them, don’t follow them,” he continues. “Block them from all of your social media, and throw away their phone numbers.”

He suggests that Michael and Alison change their phone numbers and block Laurie-Ann from their accounts, as well. “Leave each other alone!”

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