Robin and her ex-husband, Daniel, have been in a custody battle over their two daughters for more than a decade. Robin claims that Daniel has been “brainwashing” their daughters to hate her and that he used social media to lure their daughters out of her home in the middle of the night. Even though she says that she was granted full custody of 12-year-old Zoey and 14-year-old Dani, she claims Daniel won’t return the girls to her.

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“I haven’t seen either of my daughters in over a month. My fear is that Daniel has kidnapped my daughters and I will never see them again,” Robin says.

Daniel says their daughters chose to run away from their mother and he is keeping them safe. He says he believes that if his daughters are forced to live with their mother, they will run away again.

“Despite the court order and if it is breaking the law, my kids’ safety is more important to me,” he says.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil and attorney and children’s rights advocate Areva Martin, offer the exes a stern warning.

“If you two came into court and the judge appointed me as a forensic psychologist to evaluate this situation, it’s not a contest between which is the most fit parent, it is evaluating against an objective standard whether either parent is fit. And I have to tell you, I don’t know that I would give either one of you very high marks at this point,” Dr. Phil says.

To Daniel, he continues, “You’re getting ready to have a rude awakening because you’re getting ready to spin your children off into the system.”

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Areva adds, “You may lose permanent custody of your kids for all time.”

To Robin, Dr. Phil says, “You have the current residential custodial right to your children that you haven’t exercised, and I don’t understand that.”

Areva says to Robin, “I’m sitting here thinking how come you haven’t gone in ex parte? You have the rights to have your kids.”

Hear more of Dr. Phil and Areva’s discussion with these parents in the video above. And on Thursday, hear from Robin and Daniel’s daughters. Will these parents come together and find a healthy way to co-parent? Watch more here.

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