Gary and Linda claim their daughter, Lyzzy, is a lying, entitled manipulator with a bad attitude. They say she’s stolen $7,800 from her aunt’s debit card and stole Gary’s social security number to open up credit cards, where she racked up another $7,500 in debt.

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“When Elisabeth was 18, it’s almost like she became a different person,” says Linda of her daughter who she says was a model child. “She decided she was an adult and she was not going to listen to anyone about anything, and she knew all the answers.”

Lyzzy, 24, admits she’s a “spoiled brat bitch,” but says it’s her parents fault for raising her that way.

The couple admits they spoiled their only child while she was growing up and that they didn’t implement consequences for her behavior. Gary also admits that he continues to bail out Lyzzy when she gets in trouble and supports her with $600 a month. But, they say they want things to change.

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In the video above, Dr. Phil reminds Gary and Linda of his 10 Life Laws.

Life Law #8 was very clear: We teach people how to treat us,” he says. “And there’s a fundamental value that I hold real true and that is in life, you just simply don’t reward bad behavior. I don’t care if a child is 2 throwing a tantrum in the store or 24, ripping you off.”

Later, Dr. Phil tells the couple, “There’s no accountability here. Why would she change? Necessity is the mother of invention. Why would she possibly change? There’s no necessity.”

On Friday's episode, Dr. Phil offers the family advice on how they can move forward. Check here to see where you can watch.