Courtney claims her former friend Amie has fabricated multiple pregnancies and baby deaths. Courtney claims Amie posted sonograms, ultrasounds and maternity photos and even had a baby shower for her expected twins. Courtney claims Amie has even gone as far as sending photos of stillborn twins to one of the supposed fathers-to-be.

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Courtney says that when she came to believe Amie had lied to numerous people about being pregnant and having miscarriages and stillborn births, she started a private group online to keep tabs on Amie to ensure she didn’t victimize anyone else.

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Amie insists Courtney’s allegations are all disgusting lies and wants her to back off and stop making a mockery of her lost children’s lives.

In the video above, Dr. Phil offers Courtney advice.

On Tuesday’s episode, see what causes Amy to leave the stage and have a backstage meltdown. Check here to see where you can watch.

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