Alexx and Suzie say they have both fallen in love with convicts behind bars. Alexx says she’s dating seven men who are in prison for violent crimes and plans to move in with one of them now that he is out. Suzie married Steven who is serving a 43-year sentence for first-degree assault and has put her dreams of motherhood on hold.

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Dr. Phil questions Alexx about her decision to move in with a convicted felon and how it will affect her relationship with her daughter that she placed in an open adoption. When the adoptive mother says she will no longer allow Alexx to see the child, see Alexx’s response.

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And, Dr. Phil offers Alexx, Suzie and Steven the opportunity to seek help to address some of the issues they’re dealing with. Do they agree to seek counseling? Watch what happens in the video above.

This episode airs Friday. Watch more here.

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