Kristine claims her daughter, Shaina, relies on psychics for everything. She says Shaina is currently involved with a man named Dennis who describes himself a “spiritual psychic medium” and “God’s messenger.” Kristine claims Dennis controls Shaina.

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“She does everything Dennis tells her to do, thinks everything that Dennis tells her to think, says whatever Dennis tells her to say, and it’s all to put me down and make me look like a villain,” claims Kristine.

“Through spirit, God has confirmed with Dennis that, yes, my mother is out to get me,” says Shaina on Monday’s Dr. Phil. She says he told her Kristine is trying to get her children taken away.

Kristine claims she had no choice but to call family services after she says she learned her grandson set fire to the kitchen and also fell out of a second-story bedroom window.

“After I confront my mom on Dr. Phil, she will never see my kids again,” says Shaina. Why does she claim that Kristine has focused all of her intentions on sabotaging her life?

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