Amber has said that when life gets tough, she checks herself into a mental hospital for a few days. She says that during her four stays in the last eight years, she has been diagnosed with “20 mental illnesses,” but says she does not believe any of the diagnoses and doesn’t take prescribed medication for  them.


“Every time I got diagnosed with something, it was [expletive], it was all dumb. They needed to put a pill in my mouth,” she says.


The mother of three does not currently have custody of her children and has two DUIs. And her parents say they believe she may have a mental disorder and that they worry for her future, so they turned to Dr. Phil for help.


Dr. Phil tells Amber, “What I would rather do instead of punishing you is help you.” He offers her various help to possibly help her get herself and her career on track and her kids back.


During the show, Amber agrees to get help. Watch the video above to see if she agrees to stick to her word after the show.

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