Heather admits that her boyfriend, Collin, has been physical with her and called her terrible names, but says she doesn’t like to think of him as an “abuser” because she knows he loves her and that “deep down” he’s a good person.

Collin says his relationship with Heather used to be good but now all they do is argue and fight. After Dr. Phil tells him he has a “rage problem,” Collin agrees to break off the relationship and attend counseling sessions.

“It’s hard to wrap my head around. My life without her is just not anything I’d ever pictured or imagined,” he says.

“I’m just really upset because I came here in the hope that we would get help,” says Heather. “Not for some other person to tell us to not be together.”

Did Heather and Collin take Dr. Phil’s advice? Watch the video above to see what Heather’s friend, Jennifer, says happened after the taping.

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