Amy and Emily say their mother, Marie, and her partner, Gordon, are taking “extreme measures” to combat alleged chemical poisoning by a neighbor who they claim has been attacking their home with “chemical bombs,” causing it to be completely unlivable and making them sick.

In Friday’s episode,Dr. Phil Down Under: Poisoned in Our Own Home?'" a comprehensive analysis performed by a company specializing in the detection and mitigation of environmental contaminants determines that Gordon and Marie’s house is not being contaminated with chemicals from a neighbor, but instead, by a toxic mold growing inside their home.

“The effects of this black mold – it really does affect the neurotransmitters in your brain, and one of the things that it does is create mental [and] emotional upheaval - including paranoia,” says Dr. Phil, explaining to his virtual audience why Gordon and Marie may need time to accept that a neighbor is not to blame.

Watch After the Taping above to hear Dr. Phil’s response when an audience member asks how he avoids getting frustrated with guests who “deny the science.”

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