Jackie says it’s been seven years since she has allowed anyone but her daughter, Shayna, inside her house. She admits her home has been cluttered for 20 years and says she feels like a “worthless human being” because her house and garage are overflowing with clutter.

After speaking with Jackie, Dr. Phil says some very challenging events throughout her life have likely contributed to her hoarding problem. Jackie says she’s ready to get rid of her excess stuff and get her house in order.

“Today is the day Dr. Phil sends the clean-up crew to my house,” says Jackie in this After the Taping segment shot following her appearance on Dr. Phil. “I’m feeling really nervous, but I’m going to clean the house.”

Watch the video above to see Jackie’s response to the transformation in her home that was accomplished with the help of the professional cleaners and organizers at Address Our Mess.

This episode, “Help! My Mom’s An Empty Mess-Ter,” airs Monday. Check your local listing to find out where to watch.

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