Tricia, a recovering heroin addict who spent time behind bars for reckless homicide, claims she had a verbal agreement with her sister, Christy, to regain custody of her daughters once she got back on her feet. Christy, who has had legal custody of the girls for nearly three years, denies there was ever any agreement. She claims Tricia isn’t fit to parent her children and doesn’t deserve to get them back.

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“She’s the one who put her children in my home,” says Christy, adding “She flipped my entire house upside down.”

Tricia and Christy’s younger brother, Mark, claims Christy is vindictive, a pathological liar, and an alcoholic who has neglected Tricia’s girls; all of which Christy vehemently denies.

Following the taping of Thursday’s Dr. Phil, Christy, who had previously agreed to work with her sister to resolve her differences, engages in a backstage confrontation with Tricia and Mark.

Can Dr. Phil Resource Director, Anthony Haskins help to diffuse the situation?

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