Cole’s parents, Josh and Lena, claim he’s too dangerous to be around his younger siblings, and can’t live at home. The couple claims the 15-year-old has been hospitalized for alcohol poisoning, burned homemade tattoos into his friend’s arms, been kicked out of three schools in the past year and even broke his younger brother’s tooth with a golf club.

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Cole says his parents have exaggerated their claims about his behavior. He says he misses his little brothers and wants to live at home with them until he’s old enough to petition the court for emancipation, but Dr. Phil says he doesn’t think Cole should move back home just yet.

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Giving him a choice to “call a timeout and hit the reset button,” while his parents start family therapy, Dr. Phil offers Cole an opportunity to attend Wingate Wilderness Therapy in Utah, a residential program for struggling teens and young adults.

“Our program is different than most wilderness programs,” says Sherry Gallagher, Founder, and Director of Operations. “We’re about, who are you as a person, where do you want to go, (and) how can we help you get there?” she adds.

When Cole says, “I don’t think it’s going to benefit me as much as going home,” do his parents agree to let him move back in?

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