Stephanie claims her mother, Michele, ruined her chances to attend the college of her choice when she allegedly used Stephanie’s tuition deposit to buy herself an expensive pair of shoes.

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Michele adamantly denies the accusation. She claims she mailed the check late, and it arrived past deadline.

Stephanie attended another college but says she started to drink, her grades dropped, and she eventually dropped out of school. In the nearly 10 years since then, Stephanie says she drinks a box of wine a day, has had two DUI’s, three car accidents, and had her license suspended. “I am broken because of you,” she tells her mother on Friday’s Dr. Phil.

“You are broken?” Michele responds.

“Yes,” says the 32-year-old. “You ruined my life.”

Stephanie and Michele say they have a “toxic” relationship, and Stephanie claims she wants to stop drinking. She says she has been to rehab for alcohol dependency multiple times, as well as Alcoholics Anonymous, but claims nothing has worked.

When Dr. Phil reviews the four stages of readiness for change, he says the final stage is, “When you can honestly look yourself in the mirror and say, I am so sick of this, that I will not put up with this for another second of another minute of another hour of another day.”

“And until you get that point,” he continues, “you’re not going to change.”

Is Stephanie ready for Dr. Phil’s plan to help her turn her life around?

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‘I’m Not Just Some Alcoholic That Chooses To Drink Every Day,’ Claims Woman With Multiple DUI's