When Stephanie and her mother, Michele, first visited Dr. Phil in May 2018, they were battling over what Michele claimed was Stephanie’s “out of control” drinking.

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Michele said she had no idea she’d still be supporting her then 32-year-old daughter nearly a decade after Stephanie dropped out of college. With two DUIs, three car crashes, a suspended license and multiple stints in rehab, Michele claimed that Stephanie couldn’t drive or hold a job.

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Stephanie claimed that Michele was to blame for her drinking. Stephanie said although her mother mostly paid for everything, including the boxed wine she was drinking daily, Michele constantly put her down and left her feeling like a “shell of a person.”

Dr. Phil referred Stephanie to Hannah’s House at Origins Behavioral Healthcare in Texas for treatment. Then she moved into a sober living facility and got a job. Michele says she started attending Al-Anon meetings and took anger management classes. She says when she left New Jersey to visit Stephanie, “things were going great.”

So why are they back?

Watch the video above to see a recap of Stephanie and Michele’s first visit to the Dr. Phil stage, then tune in Friday to find out why Michele claims things are “worse than ever before.”

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