On August 31, 2016, Kala Brown and her boyfriend, Charlie Carver, were allegedly kidnapped by Todd Kohlhepp on his remote South Carolina property. Brown says she had been hired by Kohlhepp to clean one of the buildings on the property, and she brought Carver with her to be safe. Shortly after arriving, Brown says Kohlhepp shot Carver three times in his chest and killed him, and then locked her up in a storage container with handcuffs and chained at the neck, where she remained until she was found two months later. 

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In an exclusive interview with Dr. Phil airing Monday, Brown speaks out for the first time about the alleged abduction. In the video above, she tells Dr. Phil about her relationship with Carver, with whom she had been in a serious relationship for five months.

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“Charlie was just a wonderful person. He’s one of the best people, in general, I’ve ever met,” Kala says, about the man she hoped to marry. “He lived his life to make others smile. If Charlie couldn’t make somebody smile, his day wasn’t complete … He was just a very, very special man.”

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On Monday, Kala tells her story of what happened inside the storage container and what she says Kohlhepp did to her. And on Tuesday, hear what Kala claims Kohlhepp, an alleged serial killer, planned for their future together. Check here to see where you can watch.

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Kala Brown Tells Her Story Of The Day She Was Allegedly Kidnapped By Suspected Serial Killer Todd Kohlhepp