Walter says he never tips and is completely against the entire tipping system. Jackson and Theresa, who work as restaurant servers, both say they believe in tipping others for a job well done. Naam, a finance content creator, and Bryce, who owns an online coffee retail shop, both say that the modern tipping culture has gone too far.

“You go to a restaurant, and you sit down, and someone provides you good service, and that’s fine,” says Bryce. “But nowadays, if you go to a coffee shop for the simplest thing, they’ll flip around an iPad for you and say, ‘hey would you like to tip 15% because I grabbed your coffee off a counter,’ and it just seems too far.”

Naam says he recently experienced something similar at the farmers' market.

When it comes to those who work in the service industry, is it ever OK to skip the tip? This episode of Dr. Phil, “Tipped Off! Is the Customer Always Right?” airs Monday.

And later, Dr. Phil talks to Lisa Gaché, an etiquette expert and Founder and CEO of Beverly Hills Manners, who shares her views on tipping service workers.

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