John’s ex-wife, Danuta, claims he molested their son and their daughter during their marriage, but he adamantly denies the allegations and says he has never touched his children inappropriately.

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“I took a polygraph test five years ago," he says, adding, “They asked me if I ever touched my daughter sexually, and I said no.”

“He failed that polygraph,” says Danuta who claims John needs to be kept away from their kids.

John says he believes he was set up to fail, adding, “The polygraph tester told me to stop rocking the boat, so I think they failed me because they wanted to prove that I am a sexual pervert.”

Dr. Phil arranges for former FBI special agent and polygraph examiner Jack Trimarco to administer a new polygraph for John, who says he’s confident the results will prove he didn’t molest his children.

“People can cheat the polygraph,” says Danuta, who insists she isn’t lying about John molesting their children.

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This program contains sexual content. Viewer discretion advised.

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Woman Convinced Father Molested Her As A Child Learns Results Of His Polygraph Exam