Taylor claims that growing up, her home was filled with filth, feces, garbage, empty pantries, bedbugs and fleas -- and that her mom allowed them to be evicted, move 16 times and even live in a homeless shelter.

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Taylor says she finally escaped those conditions a year-and-a-half ago when her mom kicked her out of the house -- an accusation her mother denies. The young woman says her mom interpreted one of her Instagram posts incorrectly and became offended by it.

“The moment I posted it she, actually, called me and she was screaming at me, yelling at me, going crazy about it, saying that I was not allowed in her home anymore. I was not welcome and that I needed to find somewhere else to stay,” claims Taylor during Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil.

In the video above, see what this Instagram post said that offended Taylor’s mom, Susan. And, hear how Taylor claims her mom reacts when Taylor has confronted her about the living conditions in her homes.

On Thursday, Dr. Phil questions Susan about those living conditions. How does she react? And on Friday, a voice from Susan's past says he wants to set the record straight. And, hear what Susan's younger children have to say. Plus, Susan allows cameras in her home. What do they find?

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