The late Roger King was an American television syndication executive, creator of King World Productions, and former CEO of CBS, who helped shape the careers of talents like Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Phil McGraw. He passed away in 2007 at age 63.

A decade later, King’s 31-year-old daughter, AnnaRose, is making her own mark in the entertainment world with the recently released indie film Good Enough, which she wrote, produced, directed, and plays a starring role.

Though Good Enough is not a biographical film, the inspiration for it says AnnaRose, came out of the experience she had of wanting to know more about her father – after his death.

“I had an experience after he passed away of a lot of people reaching out and telling me different stories about him,” she tells Dr. Phil, noting that for her, the experience was twofold. “On the one hand, it was amazing stories to hear about him, but then, on the other hand, my time for making more stories with him had ended.”

The comedy also stars Sofiya Akilova, Todd Bartels, Ilana Becker, Becky Yamamoto and Ted Tremper, and features veteran actor and Oscar nominee James Caan in a cameo role.

Though she says she enjoyed both acting in and directing the film, why does AnnaRose say she’s her own worst critic? Tune in to Dr. Phil on Friday.

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Good Enough is available for download to rent or purchase on iTunes, Google Play and Amazon, and other streaming platforms.