Erika has said that doctors have given her only three months to live because she says she has anorexia, but her husband, Jon, says he has a hard time believing it and claims that his wife is just a drama queen, and that she uses her eating habits to get attention.

Erika claims she weighs between 80 and 86 pounds but according to some recent medical records, doctors have said she appeared “well-nourished” and weighed more than 100 pounds. Jon says he should be the one getting the attention because he is the one with the real problem -- an addiction to drugs.

Erika’s ex-boyfriend Jason says because both Erika and Jon are sick, he has stepped up to help care for Erika’s three children. In fact, he says in his ideal world, he would like all of them to move in together. Erika says if she should die in three months, she doesn’t trust Jon to care for the children, she trusts Jason.

What might be behind Erika’s eating disorder? And, could she really only have months to live? Dr. Phil tries to help this couple get to the bottom of Erika’s eating disorder and Jon’s drug addiction -- and gives them an offer they can’t refuse.

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Advice for Overcoming an Eating Disorder

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