Michelle and Tom say their son, Billy, is full of anger. They claim he lashes out, has thrown furniture and even gotten into physical altercations with Tom.

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Billy admits he’s full of anger and that anything can set him off.

Dr. Phil explains to Michelle and Tom how their behavior has influenced the way Billy reacts when he’s angry. He points out that the parents have admitted that when they’re angry, they yell, scream and go into a rage, a reaction Billy has imitated.

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“Both of you default to that when you get frustrated and enraged, and then you look at him, like, where’s this coming from?” Dr. Phil says.

“We’re not looking at it like where is it coming from; We’re looking at it like I can’t help him anymore because I feel like I’m watching my son do what I did,” Michelle says. “I feel like he’s repeating these awful habits that I did growing up as a young person, and he’s got such potential in the future.”

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“Then you need to change what you’re doing,” Dr. Phil says.

Can Dr. Phil help this family heal and move forward? Check here to see where you can watch Thursday’s episode.

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