Frankie claims his ex-wife, Karen, acted without his knowledge when she gave up eight of their 10 babies in an alleged adoption-for-money scam over a ten-year period. He claims he was told by her lawyers that he had no rights to their children.

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Frankie’s oldest daughter, Sandy, 33, says when she learned her adoptive parents paid $5,000 for her, she felt as though she’d been sold “like a piece of furniture.”

Sandy and her youngest sister, Ava, who was raised by Frankie and his second wife, say they believe that their father not only knew what Karen was doing – they think he may have been the mastermind behind it.

“I believe they both wanted money, and I just want him to admit that,” says Ava.

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How does Frankie respond when Dr. Phil asks him, “Are you telling me that you did not know that you were part of a baby factory, where she’s out having babies and putting them on the market; and you’re the one that’s implanting them, time after time, after time, after time – and you didn’t figure that out?”

Watch part one of this two-part episode airing Thursday. Then tune in on Friday when Sandy and Ava’s brother, Dalton, joins them on the Dr. Phil stage – plus, Dr. Phil meets a mother who shares the details of adopting her son from Karen.

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‘My Adoptive Parents Bought Me For $5,000’