Trap is an aspiring MMA fighter who claims he’s been targeted by internet “trolls” who got him kicked off a fight team and out of two gyms in the past year.

“In my prime, I was training five days a week, two times a day with a team I was super loyal to, and now I’m barely training at all,” he says.

Trap, who admits he has responded to his “haters” as well as made “joke” posts on other fighters’ social media pages, acknowledges that he has never had a professional fight. He says he was confused when his friend Phil – the head coach of his former team – recently posted “that the only fight I’ve ever had was with reality.”

What does Trap’s former coach have to say about what he calls Trap’s “shenanigans” on social media? Find out in Tuesday’s Dr. Phil: “Aspiring MMA Fighter: Social Media Obsessed or Victim?”

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WATCH: Aspiring MMA Fighter Says Social Media Is ‘Critical’ To His Career But ‘Trolls’ Are Holding Him Back

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