Trap says he knows he has “what it takes” to have a successful career as a professional MMA fighter but claims he hasn’t had a professional fight yet because internet “trolls” are holding him back. He says that social media is critical to his career but claims that when he posts, his “haters” say horrible things about him and his wife, Ashlee.

“They’ve said that I’m a pedophile. They say that I sent pictures to an underage girl. They say that my wife is a prostitute and that she smokes meth,” says Trap, who acknowledges spending too much time reading comments.

“I feel like he should stop replying to these people, but he just feels the need to defend himself,” says Ashlee. “To me, it’s just fueling the fire.”

How does Trap respond when Dr. Phil asks, “Are you a big mouth?” Find out on Tuesday’s Dr. Phil: “Aspiring MMA Fighter: Social Media Obsessed or Victim?”

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