Tony is an aspiring rapper who says he’s on the verge of making it big. He says he has 10,000 subscribers on YouTube and many record labels are interested in signing him to a million-dollar contract.

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Tony says his career is so important to him that he gave up his daughters to pursue his dream. Four years ago, he left his 3- and 6-year-old at a friend’s house, who then turned the girls over to Child and Family Services. After a year in foster care, Tony’s aunt agreed to adopt the children.

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“When you dropped your daughters off at a friend’s house, what were you saying to yourself at that moment?” Dr. Phil asks Tony in the video above from Monday’s episode.

“I was saying I don’t care,” Tony says. “I care about the kids, but my career was more important.”

“Your career was more important than your children?” Dr. Phil continues.

“I have total faith in my aunt because I know she’s a very good mom, and I know she’s going to take care of my kids, and I know they’re going to be very safe,” Tony explains. “Is my music career over my kids? Yes, it is. Do I regret it? No.”

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How does Tony say he will explain his decision to his children? Watch more in the video above.

And on Monday’s episode, a Grammy-nominated, multi-platinum music producer offers Tony advice. Does he think Tony has a future career as a rapper? Check here to see where you can watch.

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Grammy Nominated Producer Delivers Some Tough Love To Aspiring Rapper