Carrie says her life is in a downward spiral. She admits she drinks to excess, has no money and is estranged from her husband and children, with whom she says she wants to rebuild her relationship.

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On Tuesday’s episode of Dr. Phil. Ann-Margaret Carrozza, asset protection attorney and author of Love and Money, Protecting Yourself from Angry Exes, Wacky Relatives, Con Artists and Inner Demons, offers Carrie advice on how she can regain some financial control in her life.

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“I would sell some of those designer clothes, generate some cash, open up a savings account, give your parents some money towards utilities,” Ann-Margaret tells Carrie. “You’re going to start to feel more in control. Yes, it’s a tiny thing, but, you know how when they say, when money’s a problem, everything’s a problem. When you have control over your money, you start to feel a little bit stronger and maybe better able to tackle the other areas of your life.”

Hear more of Ann-Margaret’s advice for Carrie and her family in the video above. Will Carrie agree that it’s time to change her behavior? Watch more here.

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