Throughout the years, many different social media challenges have emerged. “The Blackout Challenge,” which encourages children to strangle or suffocate themselves until they blackout -- oftentimes leading to the death of children and teens -- is one of the most dangerous. Are these kids risking death just to get noticed online – or do they not know better?
Matthew Bergman, founding attorney of the Social Media Victims’ Law Center, says it’s his mission to hold social media companies legally accountable for the harm they inflict on vulnerable users.

“They make their money by maximizing the amount of time that kids spend on screen. So, they designed an algorithm that gives kids content that keeps them on,” Bergman says. “They’re being fed dangerous material that they don’t even want to see.”
Hear more from Bergman in the video above, including what steps he believes social media companies should take to prevent children from accessing these videos.
On Thursday’s episode of Dr. Phil, “Shedding Light on ‘The Blackout Challenge,’” hear from two couples who both say they lost their sons due to “The Blackout Challenge.” And, follow up with a past guest who lost one of her 13-year-old twin boys to the choking game in 2005. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

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