Young men pledging into a fraternity are often required to participate in activities that involve excessive amounts of drinking. Since the year 2000, 65 fraternity pledges have died as a result of fraternity hazing.
Danny Santulli didn’t die, but he was left blind and unable to speak, walk or care for himself after a fraternity hazing event in which ended up in the hospital with a blood alcohol content of six times the legal limit.  

Santulli’s family attorney, David Bianchi, says the rules and regulations that are put in place aren’t preventing hazing deaths. In the video above, he describes two things he believes may help prevent these needless deaths and injuries.
As National Hazing Prevention Week begins, Dr. Phil shares stories that could save a life. On Tuesday’s episode, “Horror Hazing: Left Blind and Paralyzed,” hear from Santulli’s parents,  who speak out in their first national interview and share surveillance video of what happened to their son during the hazing event. And on Wednesday, “Deadly Brotherhood: The Fight to Stop College Hazing,” hear from a family who lost their son to alcohol poisoning after a fraternity initiation event. Check local listings to see where you can watch. 

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