Christopher Bennett admits that he shot and killed his stepfather, Vincent, on the night of July 25, 2003. Bennett says he went into Vincent’s home to get money, but claims he saw Vincent molesting his 6-year-old sister and pulled the trigger.
Bennett was sentenced to 1,800 years in prison. His younger sisters say he is their hero and saved them after years of abuse. The women and their mother join Dr. Phil on Monday’s episode, searching for help to free Bennett.

Adam Carroll, a criminal defense attorney at Wolcott Rivers Gates in Virginia Beach, Virginia, joins the family and offers his thoughts on the best course of action for them and Bennett. Hear why he says he believes Bennett has a “compelling case” for clemency in the video above.
On Monday’s episode, "'Our Brother Killed Our Father and Saved Our Lives,'" hear what Bennett’s younger sister’s say life was like with Vincent. Plus, Dr. Phil conducts an exclusive prison phone interview with Bennett. Check local listings to see where you can watch.

WATCH: Man Sentenced To 1,800 Years In Prison Tells His Story About What Happened Night He Shot, Killed Stepdad

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