Alexis and her fiancé, Lance, are facing criminal charges in an alleged interstate crime spree in September 2019. Alexis says she’s hoping to get probation because she has no prior record, but intends to stand by Lance, who could spend decades behind bars if convicted.

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Just prior to taping the episode, Dr. Phil producers witnessed Alexis making a phone call to Lance; something criminal defense attorney Brian Watkins says won’t help her in court.

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“As co-defendants, they’re not supposed to be having communications,” he says, noting that if Alexis is convicted, “The judge will break them up.”

What steps does Brian tell Alexis she’ll need to take to prove to the court that she is a suitable candidate for probation in lieu of prison?

And later, when Alexis is offered the opportunity to attend Awakenings, a dual diagnosis and treatment center, for help with a past trauma, does she accept?

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