It’s been nearly two years since Kimberly began caring for her sister Danielle’s now 8-year-old daughter, but Danielle and her boyfriend, Nick, say they want their child with them.

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Danielle claims Kimberly hasn’t allowed her to see the child since May 2017. She and Nick claim that Kimberly has “stolen” their daughter from them.

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Kimberly claims her niece was born addicted to drugs and was severely neglected by Danielle and Nick, which they adamantly deny.

Kimberly was granted custodial guardianship in 2017 and says she’ll continue to raise the girl as long as necessary. Claiming that when her niece first came to live with her at age 6, she was malnourished and not fully potty trained, Kimberly says today, “She’s improved in every single way.”

“Don’t’ get me wrong,” says Danielle in the video above. “I am glad that my daughter is thriving with Kimberly and her daughter, but don’t try to compare you to me, because there’s no comparison. I’m her mother.”

Do she and Nick listen to Dr. Phil’s advice on how they can improve their chances of getting back in their daughter’s life?

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