In today’s episode, “Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” Dr. Phil is listening to the concerns of parents who say they believe that Critical Race Theory (CRT) is wreaking havoc in K-12 classrooms across the U.S. He’s also speaking with parents and educators who are supportive of CRT and say that it’s necessary to teach all of American history, including systemic racism and how our nation’s history of slavery has adversely impacted the lives of Black people today.

James Lindsay, a stepfather of two daughters and co-author of the book “Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything About Race, Gender, and Identity—and Why This Harms Everybody,” claims that Critical Race Theory is nothing more than “Racial Marxism” that is “rooted in political power.”

“I believe that Critical Race Theory is a movement of activists and scholars,” he says, adding that “The other side has a misunderstanding about how the world works.”

“I do not believe the Critical Race Theory tenet that says that racism is the ordinary state of affairs in our society and that if we don’t dredge up a race consciousness, we can’t get over it,” he says.

Watch the video above to hear why James says he believes Critical Race Theory could “hinder a child’s education.”

Tune in to Dr. Phil, “Critical Race Theory: A Nation Divided,” as Dr. Phil talks to parents, educators, and others from all sides of the equation about this polarizing topic.

Plus, find out why Dr. Shaun Harper, Race and Equity Director at the University of Southern California says that the idea that Critical Race Theory is taught in the K-12 curriculum is false and being used as a “political scapegoat” by people who don’t understand what it is.

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