Mitch Albom has released a new novel, The Next Person You Meet In Heaven, a sequel to his first novel, The Five People You Meet in Heaven. The author says in the 15 years since his first novel was released, he has lost his mother, father and an orphan from Haiti whom he and his wife raised as their daughter.

“Heaven was kind of on my mind,” Albom shares.

The Five People You Meet in Heaven concerned an old man named Eddie who dies trying to save a little girl from an accident at an amusement park. His newest novel follows the little girl who has grown up, suffers a tragedy and goes to heaven.

“People cannot read this book – or any of the others, but certainly The Next Person You Meet in Heaven – and not come away with any other reaction than feeling good and reevaluating what they focus on and what their priorities are in life,” Dr. Phil says.

“We go through life with all these questions,” Albom says. “If heaven is really the blessed place that we all believe that it is, then it seems to me that when we get there, one of the things that’s going to happen is we’re going to get everything explained to us.”

Hear more about The Next Person You Meet in Heaven, which is available today, in the video above.

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