A beautiful mother of three vanishes without a trace. The suspect arrested is the new boyfriend that she met online, about whom very little is known. Now, in an exclusive interview, a woman who says she is the suspect’s ex-girlfriend reveals that she believes he has a dark side. Plus, after decades of secrecy, one woman finally speaks out about the night she was kidnapped and almost murdered by America's most notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Ex-Girlfriend Of Man Accused Of Killing, Dismembering Seattle Mom Ingrid Lyne Speaks Out

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Handsome, Charming and Deadly: I Escaped Serial Killer Ted Bundy

After decades of silence, one woman finally reveals a shocking and courageous story. When she was a college student, Rhonda Stapley accepted a ride from a handsome stranger. She had no idea she was about to be kidnapped and almost murdered by notorious serial killer, Ted Bundy.

Ted Bundy Victim Recalls Her Encounter With The Serial Killer

Woman Describes Her Dramatic Escape From Ted Bundy

Ted Bundy Victim Discusses Emotional Aftermath Of Attack

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