Jeanie says she’s excited for her daughter, Markie’s, upcoming wedding and this bride says she wants her mother to look and feel her best.

“The last thing I want to worry about is how I look,” says Jeanie, adding, “I want to look beautiful on that special day.”

At 61, Jeanie says she’s starting to notice changes in her skin and is looking for something to help diminish the lines on her forehead, between her eyebrows, and to tighten up the skin around what she calls her “turkey neck.”

“As we get older our calcium levels lower which reduces the production of skin ceramides. So skin becomes drier, thinner and weaker,” says dermatologist and No7 spokesperson Dr. Sonia Batra, explaining why neck skin gets loose as we age.

So what can Jeanie do to help improve her appearance before her daughter’s wedding?

Dr. Batra recommends Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action Serum from No7.

“This scientifically backed serum has an extra complex of amino acids and ceramides rich in calcium to help restore a more youthful appearance,” she says.

Restore & Renew Face & Neck Multi-Action Serum delivers clinically proven results of firmer skin, more even skin tone and a visible reduction of wrinkles and crepiness.

Restore & Renew Multi-Action Serum from No7 is available at Target, and for under $34.

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