Danielle and her boyfriend, Nick, say they’re recovering drug addicts who have turned their lives around.

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Kimberly, who was granted custodial guardianship of the couple’s daughter in 2017, claims Nick is currently on probation for an altercation involving her mother and is controlling and abusive to her sister.

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Nick denies abusing Danielle and claims he was only trying to stop a fight between Danielle and her mom. “Because of a fight I didn’t start – I spent a month-and-a-half in jail,” he says.

“Just because we argue, doesn’t mean we beat the [expletive] out of each other,” says Danielle, who adamantly denies Kimberly’s claim. “In almost 11 years of us being together, I’ve never called the police on Nick once,” she adds.

Kimberly claims Danielle is “too brainwashed” to leave Nick. What does Danielle’s adult son say about his mother’s boyfriend?

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