Twenty-six-year-old identical twins, Allie and Lexi Kaplan, say managing the business-end of their growing careers as artists is a full-time job that they don’t enjoy, so to alleviate some of their stress, they hired their mother, Amy, to help run their social media and other aspects of the joint-enterprise.

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But, while the twins say they appreciate everything Amy does for them, they also claim she’s been adding to their anxiety.

WATCH: Identical Twin Artists, Lexi And Allie Kaplan Speak Out On What Drove Them To Couple’s Therapy

Amy, who calls herself the twins’ “Momager,” says she loves managing her daughters’ business but gets stressed out when the twins yell at her.

“Being a family and then running a business together can be challenging,” she says, adding, “I struggle with how to differentiate work life from our family life because it really has all kind of melded into one.”

Amy says she wants to learn how to separate being Allie and Lexi’s mom from being their manager. Allie and Lexi say they want Dr. Phil to tell them how they can establish some boundaries with Amy as well as how to balance work and fun.

What does Dr. Phil say they should do?

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